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  • BBQ at the Olive Grove

    Grilled pork chops at the Olive Grove barbeque.

  • Bar view on BBQ night

    Enjoying drinks on BBQ night

  • Logo

    Our beautiful logo, made by Andreas

  • View of the pool

    What our pool looks like from above

  • Olive Grove garden

    Seperate sunbathing area, away from the pool.

  • Spinalonga

    Front view of Spinalonga, an amazing place o visit while on holiday in Elounda

  • Local Church

    Local Church of Elounda, this is located directly oposite the Olive Grove

  • Elounda Harbour

    View of the Elounda Harbor, this were most of the fishing boats of the village are tided.

  • One more picture of the Elounda Harbour

    A close up of the fishing boats in the Elounda Harbour

  • Making Cocktails

    Making cocktail at the Olive Grove

  • Balcony of the Olive Grove

    View of the Olive Grove balcony on a beautiful day

  • Olive Grove kitchen

    We offer a fully equipt kitchen, perfect for when you want to stay in a night and relax.

  • Olive Grove Bedroom

    Picture of our amazing bedrooms

  • Living Room

    This is what our living rooms look like

  • Video of Olive Grove

    A video made by First Choice, it shows Elounda and the Olive Grove Apartments

  • Olive Grove Easter

    Preparing the lamb

  • Kokoretsi

    A festival dish ordinarily only prepared at home during Orthodox Easter

  • Pork Chops

    Andreas looking over the pork chops, as always..

  • Getting eveything together

  • Of the spit

    The lamb is taken of the spit, after 5 hours of slow cooking, ready to be eaten

  • Enjoying the lamb

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